Funeral Service

The Lozells Central Mosque funeral service (Birmingham Muslim Funeral Services) provides an obligatory service to the Muslims of our community. Death is a reality and is the only thing that is guaranteed upon every soul.
We have state of the art facilities and they are as follows:

• Wash Room/Ghusl area – where the body of the deceased is washed
• Mortuary – State of the art refrigerated storage chambers to accommodate 6 bodies. We also have a portable refrigerator for use when necessary
• Relatives rooms – segregated rooms for relatives
• Dedicated administration office
• Private Ambulance and hearse for transportation of the deceased

BMFS also provides a bereavement service where we provide support to the family regarding the funeral and our service is a 24/7 service.

• How to arrange the funeral
• What to do when somebody passes away
• Who to contact – we provide contact details
• Ghusl and Shrouding guidance
• Bereavement counselling

The general funeral procedure:
• Once relevant paperwork has been obtained from the Registrar’s office we can collect the deceased if they passed away at hospital.
• If the deceased passed away at home, we can collect the deceased after paperwork has been obtained from the ambulance service
• Ghusl and shrouding is the carried out with the deceased being placed into a coffin upon completion
• The Funeral prayer takes place
• Once the Funeral Prayer is complete, the deceased will be transported to the graveyard at the time slot which is booked beforehand
• If the relatives decide to take the deceased abroad, the coffin will be transported to the airport for removal out of UK