Community Initiatives

Nikah Ceremonies

Nikah is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and he said, “Nikah is my sunnah. He who shuns is not of me” (Imam Muslim) Nikah and marriage services are available to all Muslim brothers and sisters. We conduct Nikah in English as well as Urdu. We carry out Nikahs at the Masjid as well as locations of your choice. For more information please contact the Masjid Office.


We have reconciliation and marriage counselling sessions. These can be booked by contacting the Masjid and an appointment will be provided.

School Visits

Schools from all over Birmingham come and visit Lozells Central Mosque. We provide a warm and welcome service where guided tours are provided for teachers and pupils, refreshments provided and a Q & A session at the end of the day.

Schools that have visited:
• Anglesey Primary School
• St Francis
• Holte School
• Mayfield School
• Heathfield Primary School


Islam is a religion of peace and the word Islam itself derives from the word meaning peace. At Lozells Central Mosque we provide guidance for people wanting to revert to Islam. We welcome them with a warm heart, provide them with resources which will help them to understand the fundamental aspects of Islam.


One of our core values is catering to the community. We have a counselling service which offers emotional, psychological and spiritual support. We feel that the three go hand in hand and that they do not need to be addresses separately, rather they can be addresses collectively so an individual will benefit from all aspects.